Ad funded or…subscription, a difficult conundrum..

Advertisement has been the backbone of the Entertainment business since a while.. Advertisement followed good content and in general the principal stood in good stead for multiple categories of entertainment businesses, whether it was print,broadcast,radio, events or sports though bolstered by the ticketing revenue in some cases. For many years it was a simple business….understandingContinue reading “Ad funded or…subscription, a difficult conundrum..”

Sports content could….be the elixir for content stakes in India

There are many factors in play in the Indian markets for the dominant Broadcast sector and also the newer OTT digital play. Broadcast today has a massive 40% share of the E&M market and the subscriber base as well as the advertisement dollars continue to support such that it continues to flourish despite greater growthContinue reading “Sports content could….be the elixir for content stakes in India”

It’s starting to change….

Last few years have been momentous in the Entertainment and Media industry. Not only has the character of the business changed but now the change on the category as well as the form of players that will be key and dominate is starting to take shape. This change is true across the world and IndiaContinue reading “It’s starting to change….”

Entertainment business…at the crossroad!

Entertainment just like travel is intrinsic to the human psyche and its safe for me to say its need is never going to go away. However, the form and shape of the businesses, whether content or its distribution can and will change. Many years the character of the business never changed but then technology speciallyContinue reading “Entertainment business…at the crossroad!”

Creative excellence is the soul of the business of Entertainment…

Business of Entertainment and Media attracts a lot of eyeballs, in fact more than its due share and that is the reason it front ends in current times in marketing some of the other business endeavours. It may not be financially the most prudent or efficient and yet it carries an overweight in terms ofContinue reading “Creative excellence is the soul of the business of Entertainment…”

Where is the growth going to come from?

There are two key generators of revenue for the E&M industry i.e. the Advertisement-spend and the second being the Consumer-spend.  The Advertisement-spend is approximately 35% of the total revenue of E&M Industry, which accrues to sectors like print, radio, TV, out-of-home media and internet to some extent. On the other hand Consumer-spend comes mainly inContinue reading “Where is the growth going to come from?”